You’re getting married, congratulations! May Allah bless your life together. We invite you to hold your wedding ceremony at ICC with one of our imams to officiate.

Here’s what you need to know to book your big day:

1. Please be sure to acquire the Marriage License form the city hall of the municipality you reside in. You will also receive a Marriage Certificate

2. The Marriage Certificate Application obtained with the Marriage License must be brought to the Imam couple days in advance of the Nikah day.

3. You’ll also need to provide 2 pieces of ID (driver license, passport, etc.) to the Imam.

4. The bride’s wali along with 2 chosen witnesses need to be present at the time of marriage and will be required to sign documentation.

5. The bridal gift (mahr) must be agreed upon between the couple, you can choose to write it into the contract if you wish.


Please make sure your guests are told about masjid etiquettes and the COVID-19 policy (as listed below) before they arrive.

Booking schedule for 2023 will be available October 14th, 2022 insha’Allah.



Please click your city below for additional information on acquiring the marriage license:

If your city is not listed here, simply do a Google Search for “Marriage License” and the name of your city.

After your marriage is completed, the marriage certificate may be applied for after 6 to 8 weeks from the Service Ontario Website.

For more information, please visit Service Ontario’s “Getting Married” page.

May Allah SWT bless your union. Let us know how we can make this day special for you.


All booking time slots are now limited to one hour.

Please make sure that all of your guests are present at the start time of your booking and waiting at the Main entrance of the building. All guests will be guided to the musallah. Any set-up and take down of decorations will have to take place within your time slot.

Please use the following link to request your preferred time slot. You will be contacted to confirm the date and time as well as be directed for payment.

Requesting a time slot does not confirm your booking. You must request a time slot at least one week in advance for your request to be processed.


Disclaimer: These are the ICC hall rental fees, and do not include the Imam fees. All Imams have their own fees and are treated as independent contractors.

Nikkah Bookings @ ICC

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COVID Guidelines

All guests must have on masks while in the centre (including the photo shoot).

There are only 150 guests allowed in the centre during the period of your booking, this will include all family members, photographers/video-graphers etc.

There will be physical distancing guidelines in effect inside the Musallah, there will be stickers placed on the carpet and the ushers will guide guests where to sit.

The ceremony will take place and all the guests will be guided to exit the center within the 1 hour.

No Food distribution is allowed inside the building.

After all the guests have exited the center, the area will be sanitized.

For any concerns or questions, please contact the ICC Rentals Team at Our team will get back to you within 48 hours.