About ISNA Canada

Are you looking to connect with your Lord? To connect with the community? Are you seeking a service or wanting to lend a hand? Perhaps you’re searching or you’re curious. Whatever the case, you’re in the right place. So, welcome!

We are proud to be serving the community since 1982. We believe that vibrant Muslim communities are catalysts for necessary and positive change. We promise to continue serving you by working collaboratively with excellence.

We’ll work together towards a future that empowers our youth, supports our elders, and enables all those seeking Allah. We aim to facilitate the relationship between faith, knowledge, and action to meet community needs in today’s cultural and political context.

Our Vision

Vibrant Muslim communities as catalysts for positive change in Canada.


Our Mission

Provide Muslims with opportunities to develop and put their faith in to action.

Our Guiding Values

At ISNA Canada, three core values derived from the prophetic way are at the forefront of everything we do.

  • Excellence (ehsaan): In everything we do, we aim for excellence founded on sincerity to Allah and sincerity to you. That’s our promise, in sha Allah.
  • Service (khidmah): ISNA Canada was established, from day one, for service. Service is our mandate, service is our purpose, service is our motivation. We’re here to serve our Lord through service.
  • Collaboration (taawun): Building a community is a labour of collaboration. Only when we work with each other can we move forward to a better future for our community and our society.

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