Jami Masjid

The oldest existing Mosque and Islamic Centre in the City of Toronto. Dubbed “Ummul Masajid” or “The Mother of All Mosques in Toronto”, it is where pioneering imams, scholars, and leaders of the GTA have taught, led, and connected for decades. Jami Mosque was Initially built as a church in 1910, and was purchased in 1969 by Toronto’s Muslim community and converted into a Muslim place of worship.

Outside doors of Jami Masjid
Muslims sitting together inside Jami Masjid for prayers


This historic site, standing since the early 1900s, has a well-preserved architecture to maintain its heritage. Multiple historic figures have visited it, including Malcolm X.


The community around this Mosque holds so many rich and beautiful memories since the 1960s.

2 Senior men outside of Jami Masjid
Muslims praying in Jami Masjid


The center is open daily for prayers and Jumuah prayers.

Jami Masjid

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