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With our programs and events serving the Canadian Muslim population from coast to coast to coast, our 3 centers across Canada serve you on a consistent basis - offering the 5 daily prayers and a multitude of programs and services.. Additionally, we have launched our ISNA Youth Hub in 2022 at our Headquarters in Mississauga, ON as a designated communal space for youth.


Islamic Centre of Canada (ICC)

The heart of ISNA lies at ICC operating for over 40 years, making it a place where the community becomes one.

Outside of Islamic Centre of Canada


Jami Masjid

The oldest existing Mosque and Islamic Centre in the City of Toronto. Dubbed “Ummul Masajid” or “The Mother of All Mosques in Toronto”, it is where pioneering imams, scholars, and leaders of the GTA have taught, led, and connected for decades.

Outside doors of Jami Masjid


Islamic Centre of Yellowknife (ICYK)

This center serves a small, yet growing, community of 600 devoted and dedicated Canadian Muslims in Yellowknife.

Rendering of Yellowknife Islamic Centre

Youth Hub

A community built on inclusivity, intention and service. We strive to create spaces and facilitate conversations that bring us closer together.

A woman speaking to a group of female Muslims at an event

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