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Weekly Classes

Learning your faith is a long journey that is best taken on a consistent basis. We offer a variety of weekly classes covering different topics and aspects of the religion.

Parables of the Quran

Join us on a spiritual journey with ‘Parables of the Quran,’ our weekly program, every Tuesday night. Explore the profound wisdom of the Quran through reflections on its parables.

Quran Journey

Join us every Saturday in the musalla to learn the tafsir of the Holy Quran with Shaykh Hosam Helal. Currently, we are on Surah Al-Hashr.

Children’s Story Night

We provide engaging weekly classes tailored for children. Our Children’s Story Night program, held every Thursday evening in the Musallah with Shaykh Hosam Helal, offers captivating Quranic stories that inspire the children.

Friday Night Live

Experience the essence of community in the heart of the musalla with our weekly ‘Friday Night Live’ program, a family-oriented gathering every Friday night, delving into the rich teachings of the Seerah.

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