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ISNA Canada Sports, led by a passionate team, strives to create a positive impact on the community through active living. With engaging tournaments, skill-building sessions, and a commitment to fostering character and teamwork, the program goes beyond sports to promote physical well-being and community. Whether you're an experienced athlete or new to the sport, joining this dynamic family will inspire, empower, and strengthen bonds through the shared love of active living.

A world of active fun

Explore a diverse range of sports for children, including karate classes, youth ball hockey, and basketball.

We host exciting tournaments, like badminton and ball hockey, adding an extra layer of excitement to our regular weekly sports sessions.

Sports Offered

  • Men’s Badminton
  • Men’s Ball Hockey
  • Men’s Basketball – Drop In
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Women’s Yoga
  • Women’s Badminton
  • U10 Ball Hockey Camp
  • Youth Ball Hockey League
  • Girl’s Basketball League
  • Kids Karate

Latest Past Events

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