Retreats and Camps

Both camps and retreats offer opportunities for high-growth experiences. We enable youth to practice management and leadership, develop skills, make new friends and encounter new challenges in fun settings away from home.

ISNA’s religious scholars remain present throughout to guide and address all the educational aspects for these programs.

During the Camp program, the youth learn positive experiences in leadership, organization, physical, and life skills. The participants are inspired to build relationships through community building and participate in a wide range of physical and fun activities held in numerous locations.

Young adults in the community are attracted to retreats that cater to their spiritual needs. Gatherings are organized in a calm environment, with minimal distractions.

Most gatherings are held at off-premises locations, requiring overnight stay. Discussions and activities are geared towards building a community of individuals who can be united in spiritual and intellectual development, based on knowledge, and religious principles.

Our programs aim to provide our youth with the tools needed to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Note: In compliance with regulatory requirements related to COVID-19 all sporting activities are suspended, until further notice.