YouthX | God & Me

21 July

2:00 PM - 10:00 PM

YouthX | God & Me

Caught up in the monotonous routines of daily life, the perpetual struggle to make ends meet, and the many turmoils of the modern era, we often feel deflated and burnt out. While our faith provides us the means and methods to renew ourselves and our aspirations, we must go one step further and examine our unique circumstances today and redefine, with conviction, the greater purpose of our lives.

Clearly, over the last few years, the Muslim community has seen the emergence of an emboldened, articulate, and confident voice resonating from the hearts and minds of young Muslims globally. Daring to dream for a promising tomorrow, our vision is rooted in Islam but nurtured here; it is both Canadian and Islamic.

As we attempt to navigate our own inward journey and explore the theme of ‘God & Me’, we hope to define a truly authentic, morally rooted, and socially engaged identity for Muslim Youth in Canada, that can change the world for the better.



Islamic Centre of Canada

2200 South Sheridan Way
2200 South Sheridan Way, Ontario
L5J 2M4

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