Dawah Programs

“Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good; enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, they are the ones to attain felicity.” [The Quran: 3:104]

Our Dawah team is a group of volunteers dedicated to carrying the Prophetic Tradition of sharing Islam with compassion and wisdom through programs and activities such as:

  • Train Muslims on how to convey the beautiful message of Islam
  • Distribute gift packages to our centres’ neighbours
  • Arrange BBQs and Dinners for our neighbours, friends and co-workers
  • Organize Open Door events
  • Arrange more activities and programs for our new Muslim Brothers and
  • Sisters to blend them in with wider Muslim Community

Our past activities

  • August 2019: How to be a Muslim in a World where Wrong seems Right: Guest Speaker: Samuel Shropshire
  • August 2019: Revert Stories: Our Special Guest: Samuel Shropshire shared his journey to Islam
  • April 2019: Dawah Training – The Art of the Call to Allah (Part I): Dawah training was provided to 60+ brothers and sisters
  • March 2019: Revert Stories: Where new Muslims shared how they accepted Islam
  • February 2019: New Muslims Shine & Dine: A dinner hosted by born Muslims to honour our new Muslim Brothers and Sisters
  • December 2018: Chai Chat: A private conversation among new Muslims and born Muslims to understand the problems our new Muslim Brothers and Sister go through
  • October 2018: Open Doors – Over 300 people visited the center including non-Muslims
  • August 2018: Sunday Seminar – Revert Retention and Development: Tips on how to take care of new Muslims
  • August 2018: Sunday Seminar – Dawah in the West: to know the importance of dawah while living in the West
  • July 2018: Call of Duty – Dawah Training Course: Free basic dawah training was provided to over 160 attendees

For more information call 905.403.8406
Or email us at: dawah@isnacanada.com