Visiting The Sick

We pray that Allah (swt) grants quick and complete healing to you or your loved one. Illness is a difficult time for everyone, we are here to help you as best we can. We’ve provided some information that will help with hospital stays. We also coordinate volunteers to visit hospital patients, we’ve included information about that as well.

Here is some information for patients and their families:

  • When you are being admitted to the hospital, please inform them that you are a Muslim. This information will be shared with the Spiritual Care Department of the hospital.
    • The hospital will contact the masjid if there’s ever a need to do so.
    • You will be included in the list of patients that we visit.
  • Meditation rooms have been provided at every hospital for your use.
    • You can use these rooms for salah, dua and dhikr.
    • Do be mindful of others sharing the space.
  • You can ask for a Muslim volunteer visit.
  • Most hospitals provide Halal meal options, make sure to ask for this if it isn’t offered.
  • Medical expenses including hospitalization are covered by the government as long as the patient is a citizen or an immigrant (holds PR). If you are a new immigrant (don’t have PR yet) or a visitor you will need to get private medical insurance before arrival.

We’ve provided some brochures here for your information on different issues you may be facing as a patient or as a family member of a patient. You can read them online or have them printed if printing please select letter-size or legal-size paper.

Muslim Volunteer Visitations: Taking care of and visiting the sick is rewarding, humbling and heavily encouraged in our deen/faith. We have established a program with local hospitals to allow us to visit their patients. This can be a source of great comfort to patients as well as their families.

If you would like to get involved with this program, please contact our program coordinator. Email