2024 Nominee

Qadija Yusuf

As-salāmu Alaykum Wa-raḥmatu-llāhi Wa-barakātuh. My name is Qadija Yusuf and I have been a part of the ISNA Community for over ten years. Alhamduallah I have had the opportunity to serve as a board member from 2021 to 2024. I work as a Forensic Analytical Toxicologist at the Centre of Forensic Sciences. I completed my undergraduate degree in Forensic Chemistry at the University of Toronto – Mississauga and a Masters of Science in Chemistry at York University.


Over the years, I have been involved with various programs and initiatives at ISNA Canada. My interests are in Islamic education and youth initiatives. Previously, I have volunteered with the ISNA weekend school, Ramadan program, ISNA Convention and ISNA Foodbank.

During my term on the board, I have learned about governance and the various board
operations at ISNA. I have taken trainings to increase my knowledge of non profit
governance and to better equip myself with the necessary skill sets to serve the organization effectively. I aspire to serve and support the ISNA community, membership and organization.

Contribution Statement

As-salāmu Alaykum Wa-raḥmatu-llāhi Wa-barakātuh
I am honoured to contribute to the mission and vision of ISNA Canada as a dedicated board member. ISNA Canada’s mission to provide Muslims with the opportunities to develop and put their faith into action aligns with my personal values and aspirations for a vibrant muslim community.

My primary focus as a board member is to advance the objectives of ISNA Canada by
leveraging my learnings and experiences during my first term as a board member. I am dedicated to enhancing the organization’s effectiveness through the implementation of better policies and robust risk management strategies to cultivate a strong organization. I am committed to working collaboratively with fellow board members, staff, and volunteers to enhance the impact and reach of ISNA Canada’s initiatives.

By actively participating in decision making processes and advocating for innovative
programs, I aim to contribute to the organization’s growth and sustainability.

Utilizing transparent communication channels and soliciting feedback, I intend to support ISNA Canada’s efforts in remaining responsive and adaptive to the communities needs. My vision for ISNA Canada encompasses a thriving organization that not only meets the immediate needs of the community but is also a catalyst for positive change in Canada.

In summary, as a dedicated board member, I am committed to advancing the objectives, purpose, mission, and vision of ISNA Canada. Through strategic leadership, community engagement, and a passion for positive change, I aim to contribute significantly to the continued success and impact of ISNA Canada in the service of our community.

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