2024 Nominee

Mustapha Ramadan

I am Mustapha Ramadan, and I am honored to introduce myself and discuss my involvement with the ISNA community. I completed my undergraduate studies in Shareea at Al Azhar College in Lebanon, before immigrating to Canada in 1997. Currently, I own and operate a trucking business, and also have successfully completed my dealership license at Georgian college. Recently, I successfully completed a Business Administration Diploma at Citi College in 2022-2023.


I have actively engaged in community service, volunteering with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) previously with ISNA and currently on my own at Saede’s Income Tax Clinic. I have also taught Quran classes with Riyadh Al Salaheen School for 3 years and at Manhal Ul Eman School for 5 years. Alhamdulillah, I am a proud father of seven children, two of whom have successfully graduated from ISNA High school. One daughter is currently a Nurse in the Emergency department At Trillium Hospital in Mississauga. My Son is also studying dentistry in Saskatchewan and my other daughter is completing her Law studies In the UK.

Since 2007, I have volunteered my time, contributing to the parking committee and assisting with iftars during Ramadan. I have also served three years on the ISNA Board of Directors from 2019 – 2022.

Contribution Statement

I, Mustapha Ramadan, visualize ISNA becoming a nationwide resource for dawah for both Muslims and non-Muslims, with locations available in every province.

Each center will have:

  • Islamic school for grades JK to grade 5. Gymnasium available for homeschooled children grades 6 to 12 after regular school hours, to give them opportunity for physical activities and attend Islamic and Quran lectures/classes.
  • Sheik Abdalla Idriss and Br. Fouzan would travel to different provinces to meet with members in an effort to unite the Muslim community in building a large center for that province to accommodate everyone.

We need to unite all Muslims in Canada to act as whole and support the future of Islam.

  • Give more funding to fix and maintain Jami Mosque, similarly to what was done at ICC to allow that center to thrive and become a more active dawah center in the Toronto region.

I believe that for our unity plan to succeed, we must involve the entire ISNA community, from the founding members to our current brothers and sisters. This includes our beloved seniors and the youth who will become our future representatives.

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