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Mustafa Saidi

My name is Mustafa Said, and I am a dedicated professional with a diverse background. Originally from Palestine, I migrated to Oakville, Canada in 2005. With over a decade of experience in teaching in Abu Dhabi, I have a strong educational foundation, holding two degrees in chemistry.

In addition to my academic background, I am also a successful small business owner in commercial cleaning. I take great pride in my work and strive for excellence in all that I do.


As a father of four wonderful children, I am deeply committed to their success and well-being. I am proud to say that three of my children have completed their university studies in Canada and are now thriving in their careers in both Canada and the United States.

Throughout my life, I have been passionate about giving back to the community. Before coming to Canada and during my time here, I have been actively involved in charity activities. I volunteered for the food bank in ISNA as well as MAC during the pandemic, and I have participated in donation activities for various nonprofit organizations such as ISNA and the DAR FOUNDATION.

I am excited about the future and look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in both my personal and professional endeavors.”


It’s commendable that I am committed to working towards the advancement of the Muslim community in Canada through my involvement with ISNA Canada and my vision for collaboration with other Muslim social organizations. Working in the nonprofit sector can indeed be a rewarding but challenging experience. Here are some key aspects to consider and steps I as well as We can take to contribute effectively:

Understand the Nonprofit Sector

Familiarize myself with the unique characteristics of nonprofit organizations, such as their mission-driven nature, reliance on donations and grants, and focus on social impact.

Learn About ISNA Canada

Gain a deep understanding of ISNA Canada’s mission, programs, and current initiatives. This will help you align your efforts with the organization’s goals.

Build Relationships

Networking is crucial in the nonprofit sector. Connect with leaders, volunteers, and stakeholders within ISNA Canada and other Muslim social organizations. Attend events, conferences, and meetings to establish relationships.

Strategic Planning

Develop a long-term strategic plan that aligns with my vision for the Muslim community. Identify key goals, objectives, and measurable outcomes and to Consider involving other organizations in the planning process for collective impact.

Engage the Community

Develop outreach programs to engage the Muslim community in Canada. This could include educational events, workshops, and forums to discuss political engagement, community development, and educational empowerment.

Advocacy and Political Engagement

Advocate for the interests and concerns of the Muslim community by establishing relationships with politicians and policymakers. Encourage community members to participate in civic activities and support politicians who align with the community’s values.

Youth Empowerment

Design programs that specifically target the younger generation, focusing on education, leadership development, and civic engagement. Empower them to become active participants in Canadian politics and society.

Collaboration with Other Organizations

Work towards building collaboration and partnerships with other Muslim social organizations. A united front can amplify your impact and bring about positive change on a larger scale.

Capacity Building

Invest in building the organizational capacity of ISNA Canada. This includes enhancing leadership skills, improving infrastructure, and ensuring financial sustainability.

Continuous Evaluation and Adaptation

Regularly assess the effectiveness of your programs and initiatives. Be open to feedback, and adapt your strategies based on the evolving needs of the Muslim community.

We have to Remember that creating positive change takes time, dedication, and collaboration. By taking these steps, you can contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of the Muslim community in Canada through ISNA Canada.

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