2024 Nominee

Humeira Mirza

I am originally from Pakistan, but have spent the majority of my life in Canada with half of that time dedicated to serving ISNA Canada community. Married with three children, my  background includes three years of study in medical school.  For over three decades, I have devoted myself to nurturing my family while balancing my roles as a mother, wife, daughter, and an active community member in this great multi-cultural nation.


Throughout this journey, I have actively participated in the democratic process as a DRO (Deputy Returning Officer) in eight elections at the Provincial, National, and Municipal levels. Motivated by a profound passion for community service, organizations such as ISNA, MNN, Seeds of Leadership, Islamic Relief and Mercy Mission, have become my second home.

Over the past fifteen years, I have had the honor of serving in diverse capacities, always guided by the principles of our faith. From coordinating and distributing food at the ISNA Food Bank to supporting both Muslim and non-Muslim communities during the COVID-19 pandemic , my commitment to service and compassion has remained unwavering. 

Before the pandemic, I dedicated over a decade, to performing Ghusls as part of funeral rituals, volunteering at the ISNA Sunday School, co-leading iftaars and initiating and leading the Suhoor Program at ISNA. Additionally, I actively participated in organizing iftaars, suhoors, and facilitating congregational prayers during the pandemic, and organizing drive-through iftaars – always ensuring community safety.
Throughout my journey, I have endeavored to embody our Islamic values of compassion, service, and unity. My goal is to serve my community while making a meaningful difference in the lives of fellow humans

For the 2024 elections, my aim is to serve all three communities (Mississauga, Toronto, & Yellowknife) with equality, mirroring the dedication I have shown to my immediate  

and extended family – Muslim ummah.  Insha Allah, together we will bring more accountability for our community, which includes donors, congregants, members, non-members, and program/event participants. This I plan to do with solidifying governance with policies and processes in lieu of our articles and by-laws of the organization.


With love and gratitude, 
Jazakullah Khair
Sr. Humera

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